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QR Code not scanning - revoked
« on: June 02, 2018, 01:50:29 PM »
Your QR Code not scanning.

Supplier can generate new QR code at any give point and time. (Once in every 24hours.)

If the supplier revoke the QR code, it will immediately stop working. The website will create immediately a new QR code that can be used in place of the previous QR Code.

The reason for this feature is to combat Mobile Users who take pictures from your QR code and do daily check-ins without visiting your business.

Total of 3 QR codes will be generated by default:
First & Second QR Codes
Both is uniq (different), but both when scanned will link to the Supplier. The supplier can for example revoke QR1 and continue to scann on QR2.

Third QR Code
This QR code is use for future development where a business want to reward users by means of online/electronic pay points. API function will be used for this.

Additional Admin QR Code
You will notice this 4th hidden QR code at the bottom of your Supplier Dashboard page. This code is used to link "Admin APP Users" to your business. Simply scan, create the user and award points.

Also ready:


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